Take control of your inventory. All of your data, at your fingertips.

Problems arise when departments don't share the same priorities, knowledge or information. Siloes need to work together, however that never happens and can get quite expensive.

Implementing Carma can either be a full digital trasformation or a targeted migration.

Full Digital Transformation

We can move all siloed systems into Carma at once. This is typical for an acquisition or greenfield build. 

Targeted Migration

We can move disaggregated systems (or spreadsheets) into one of the core functions of Carma and continue to operate the legacy systems for other functions alongside Carma utilizing over 400 prebuilt APIs.

We can easily import your data from other siloed systems.


Prebuilt Connectors

In the event that we connect to existing systems, those systems can be turned down seamlessly when expensive renewals come due and that functionality migrated into the live Carma environment.

Carma's employees do the implementation work to stand up every new customer - no external system integrators or implementers are needed; we have data scientists to migrate and shape any existing data and telecom network engineers, circuit designers, and field technicians to gather and clean data through physical audits and reconciliation where needed.

We include a built-in Learning Management System that is role specific for users to self-direct learning and speed onboarding.

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