Carma’s Network & Digital Infrastructure Platform

We eliminate the need to piece together 25 siloed systems for digital infrastructure companies.  Shorten your data journey,  build resilience, catalyze EBITDA growth, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Carma® provides perfect visibility into space, power, and connectivity, whether you are an infrastructure provider, enterprise, or commercial real estate investor. Understand the complete picture of linked revenue, expenses, assets, and services with the most powerful and comprehensive platform for understanding the totality of your digital transformation.

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We're Disrupting the Telecom Industry

Carma is the world’s first Network & Digital Infrastructure (NDI) commercial and operational platform, pre-integrated across dozens of functions, roles, and departments, and is built on Microsoft’s globally scalable and secure cloud.

Consolidate the Sales, Ordering, CRM, OSS, BSS, DCIM, Field, Service Delivery, Service Assurance, Workflow, Ticketing, Meet-Me-Room, Invoicing, Dashboards, and Customer-facing Portal functions into a single platform. One license brings the most capable, ubiquitous, and scalable platform to your organization in the first true SaaS offering that has been tailored for telecom verticals and enterprise management.

Everyone sees the same data, regardless of their departmental perspective, from the same source of information driving every decision across the organization.

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