Departmental Roles

Now it is possible to align all of the organization’s efforts in the same direction to rapidly execute strategy. Large and small organizations alike will outperform email based communications and fragmented data silos. Bring the entire organization into Carma for a frictionless user experience. Carma integrates all functions from Sales, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, and more into a single system with tailored views into data that illuminate your business in the most relevant perspective for each group.


Engage customers with complete visibility of their current services, quote accurately with full Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality, set accurate expectations with real time capacity data, and directly integrate to Service Delivery.


Field and Data Center Technicians can view workorders, inventory, capture pictures, and store test results from desktop, tablet, or phone responsive web, or via mobile applications.

Service Delivery

Drive the customer experience with the complete history of the sales cycle, installation, and invoice linked backwards and forwards in a single platform.


Searchability and change history within a single source of truth simplifies alarm correlation, accelerates impact analysis, drives faster restoration (MTTR), and enables automation.

Customer Service

A fully searchable and related history of service, including assets, tickets, billing, and disconnect are available for customer service agents, and directly for end-customers via self-service customer portals.


Automate revenue assurance and expense controls. Directly link revenue and expense. Manage Netex, Capex, and Opex within the context of the network and assets.

Capacity Planning

Manage capacity and expansion requirements in one system with Sales forecasts and perfect consumption data


Automated power rollups show what power is available at any level from the individual router to the utility feed


Negotiate legal agreements, capture integrated e-Signatures, and store fully executed documents within Carma.